CampaignOS Vote By Mail

Increase turnout and expand ease of voting with a simple, trackable solution
Reach More Voters


Is Changing How Americans Will Vote

November had promised to send a record number of voters to the polls. Now, COVID-19 has introduced the potential for record lows, as voters and election workers alike weigh personal health against civic duty.

Campaigning across the US has stalled out, as everyone tries to plan for an unknown future. But you don’t need to gamble on an either-or strategy.  Increase the number of voters that cast a ballot this November with VBM by CampaignOS.

How cOS VBM Works

Our proven solution provides a safe, secure, and trackable way to help your voters request a ballot at home.

Choose Your Targets

We’ll work with you to help decide on the best voters to reach

Mail Voters

We send vote by mail applications to your voters with postage-paid return envelopes and guidance on how to apply in their state

Track Progress

Our barcode technology and reporting enables you to track applications returned so you can maximize conversion with targeted chase efforts

Increase Turn Out

Come November your voters are set to go regardless of barriers set by COVID-19

VBM is a good investment

Whether you reach eligible voters by mail, text, email, or social media, vote by mail is a strategic play.

Remove Barriers

VBM has the potential to increase turnout amongst voters who struggle to make it to the polls during non-pandemic times

Get In Front of Voters Now

As other campaign efforts grind to a halt, VBM mailers can kick your campaign back into high gear

Build a Resilient Campaign Strategy

VBM is a COVID proof turnout plan and provides access to voting regardless of the situation in November

Provide Needed Leadership

Guide voters towards a better future. Be a leader in safe, secure and more equitable voting for all

Are You Ready to Reach More Voters?

Why CampaignOS

A Proven Track Record

We’ve processed over 1.4 million pieces of targeted mail to date for dozens of campaigns and nonprofits

End-to-End Tracking

We utilize barcode tracking so we know where each piece of mail is at any given time

Discounted Pricing

We’re bargaining on behalf of dozens of campaigns to get bulk pricing for printing at up to 75% off for you

Improved Identification and Outreach

We go beyond the voter file and can provide information on unregistered voters and behavioral indicators

A Diverse Group of Experts

Our team is made up of current & former candidates, campaign staffers, tech & security experts, and more

Investing in a Better Future

Our work is driven by values, and that’s reflected in the list of clients we’re proud to work with